Welcome to Your Church

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Through this website, you will see a church that is committed to faith in action. With inspirational worship, Christian Education for every age, fellowship, congregational care, and mission, we come to celebrate the living Lord and leave to share this Lord in our world. We are a warm and caring congregation who invite you to come, seek, and grow with us.   

Grace and Peace,  Pastor Dan


The Presbyterian Church of Livingston (PCL) evolved as a “grass roots” effort on the part of residents of Livingston. It began as a strong fellowship of people meeting for worship and church school in the local VFW Hall. As the number of attendees grew, the need for a church building was met through the hard work and enthusiastic support of its members. 

The Fellowship Hall was dedicated in 1951, the present sanctuary was added in 1958, and the tower and third floor in 1968. Four pastors have served the church since that time and our present Pastor is The Reverend Daniel Martian. 

The Church has a long history of strong caring fellowship amongst its parishioners and close relationships with its Pastors who have helped to strengthen our faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ and application to our daily lives. 

Throughout its history, the Church has demonstrated its commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a “Church in Action” by internationally supporting refugees from around the world, supporting a mission in Arizona working with Native Americans, as well as partnering with Memorial West Presbyterian Church in Newark to begin an active soup kitchen. 

The Church maintains close ties with the local community through mission and ministry events, Recognition Sundays honoring local First Responders, and Light Up Livingston, celebrating the diversity of our community. The history of warm fellowship and enthusiasm continues as we enjoy engaging worship experiences, regular fellowship events, and continued opportunities for mission and outreach. PCL is a member of the PCUSA denomination and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.  

Your Church’s Mission

Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,  we are an inclusive  congregation that welcomes all to come and experience God as we seek to live as God’s people and grow in our faith.

“COME . . . SEEK . . . GROW”

Meet Your Staff

The Reverend Daniel Martian  (Pastor) PastorDan@YourLivingstonChurch.org

If you call or visit the Presbyterian Church of Livingston, Pastor Dan may be the first face you meet. Your Pastor is highly involved in the life of our church as well as our community.  He is a dedicated Pastor who provides spiritual leadership to our church as well as to the community. Let Pastor Dan welcome you into our community — get ready to meet a new friend. 

Kathy Macdonald (Office Manager) Kathy@YourLivingstonChurch.org

Kathy is our Officer Administrator.  She is welcoming, warm, and has a contagious laugh. Kathy is a great listener who cares compassionately for all who enters the office.

David Calabrese (Organist and Music Director) David@YourLivingstonChurch.org

David is our Organist and Music director.  David provides our congregation with inspirational music each Sunday.  He leads us in singing using the Pipe Organ and piano.  Our music varies from traditional to gospel.  David finds a tune that everyone can sing to. 

George Banzhaf (Church Sexton) Sexton@YourLivingstonChurch.org

George helps keep our building and grounds well maintained and cared for.  His passion for his work is seen by his dedication and loyalty to our church. You will find George with a broom in his hand with a contagious smile.

Internment in the Karen Virginia Endres Memorial Garden

Karen Virginia Endres Memorial Garden, dedicated in 1988, is more than a
resting place for those who are no longer with us. It is a living memorial of
simple and natural beauty where every season is a reminder of life’s eternal
renewal. The quiet and beauty found within the garden continues to be a source
of comfort for those who remain. 

Garden is available for internment of ashes of members and former members of
the Presbyterian Church of Livingston and their immediate families. A nameplate
inscribed with the name of the deceased and dates of birth and death are added
to a plaque on a free-standing wall overlooking the garden. A permanent record
of the burial will be filed by the Church. 

Memorial Garden gives us the opportunity both to celebrate the life lived on this
earth and to anticipate the gift of eternal life that is ours through Jesus

5 Beliefs That Set Presbyterians Apart From Other Protestant Christians

  1. Governing Body: The Presbyterian Church governing body is based on a system of elders. Teaching Elders (ministers), Ruling Elders (session members) and Deacons are ordained and responsible for the discipline, nurture and mission of the local congregation. The practicalities of buildings, finance and temporal ministry to the needy in the congregation are delegated to a group of officers called the session.
  2. Doctrine: Presbyterianism is a reformed theology based upon John Calvin and John Knox. We believe preaching the word of God is central to finding meaning and purpose in your life.  We do confessions both as a congregation and individually through private prayer. We believe in the Holy Trinity, where God reveals himself in three different ways: as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  You are saved by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ.  It is not by words, deeds or actions but only through God’s love.   
  3. Education: Presbyterians put an emphasis on equal education for all people. In times past when Presbyterians arrived in a new place, they would usually build a church, a school, and a hospital, in that order. Presbyterians see the right to worship God as paramount, and education as necessary, so that they can serve the world in God’s name.
  4. Majority Rule: When Presbyterians have a policy or an action to consider, they pray, they talk, and then they vote. In fact, Presbyterians probably take more votes than any other religious group. They believe that the Holy Spirit lives in individuals but works through the community. 
  5. Sacraments: Presbyterians traditionally have held the worship position that there are only two sacraments: Baptism and Communion. Presbyterians typically baptize infants, as well as unbaptized adults, by sprinkling or pouring water (and immersion upon special request). Communion, also known as partaking of the Lord’s Supper, is based on the belief that Christ is spiritually present during communion through the Holy Spirit.  These sacraments are an outward sign of an inward act of grace but are not required for salvation.

Open and Affirming Statement

Presbyterian Church of Livingston is an open and affirming congregation that
welcomes all God’s people as we seek to embrace everyone with love, care, and
compassion. We stand with those to right the wrongs of inequity and injustice
with engaging dialogue that will foster conversation. We are a diverse and
inclusive congregation that seeks to love all God’s people as we grow in our